Forex Hunter EA: Frequently Asked Questions

Forex Hunter EA is able to provide a stable trading on most brokers. The exception is NFA-regulated brokers because they prohibit long and short trades at the same time. We recommend to choose a broker with high leverage (1:300 or higher) to reduce a margin load of your deposit. 

Recommended brokers: 

Alpari, Armada Markets, Roboforex, IC Markets

IMPORTANT: If your deposit is less than $5000, you should open a cent account that is not offered by all brokers. Below you can see some brokers with cent accounts.

Roboforex, Forex4you, TradeFort.

However, typical ECN accounts are much better for working of Forex Hunter EA, because trading conditions on Cent-accounts are much worse.

Minimal deposit requirements to trade with Forex Hunter EA for different account types  is shown below.


As far as automatic MM (money management) is used in all our .set files, optimal Advisor’s settings have been already preset. The Advisor calculates starting lot automatically based on available sum on your account.

Optimal presets are already imported in .set files for every currency pair. We don`t recommend to change anything in .set files.

To ensure correct operation of Forex Hunter EA, your computer must be turned on constantly and be connected to Internet from the market opening on Monday in the morning till the closing on Friday in the evening. During the weekend your PC can be switched off but it is not obligatory. In order not to keep the computer running all the time, we recommend you to use one of the numerous VPS (Virtual Private Server) services, that gives you an opportunity to locate your advisor on a remote server.

Forex Hunter EA is protected by mqllock. This causes a reduction of testing and optimization.

Forex Hunter EA`s license is valid only for one trading account. You may change your account number once a month. To do this you should send a request via e-mail to our support support@fxhunter.net

Send the number of the trading account and verification of the payment (receipt number) via email (to sales@fxhunter.net).

Yes. If you are not satisfied with our Advisor, we guarantee a 100% refund within 30 days after payment date.

  •   It is available only for a full license.