We want you to be informed that historical results of trading system or Forex strategy can`t guarantee a profit in the future.

   Forex trading offers great potential profit, but also includes high risk potential . That`s why Forex trading can be not suitable for you. High leverage works both for you and against you in the same time. Before you start trading with Forex Hunter EA you should consider you objectives, trading experience and risk tendencies. You should be aware of the possibility of losing some or, in worst case, all your investments.

   For this reason, currency trading must be implemented only with risk capital. Risk capital is the funds that are not necessary for your survival or well-being. Be aware of all potential risks associated with Forex trading. If you have any doubts or questions you should get advice from independent financial adviser.

   When you start trading with Forex Hunter EA you agree with the fact that everyone in Forex Hunter team is free of any responsibility for you trading results. All trading that you perform on your real accounts you do at your own risk only.

   When buying our software it will be considered that you completely accept these conditions. Developers or Forex Hunter EA, their representatives and affiliates can`t be considered as financial adviser.

   We are working hard to make our site be online 24/7, but we can`t bear responsibility if it will be offline for any reasons beyond our control.